What gives? Didn't I tell you not to open things in a new tab? You're making me cry.

I'm crying right now. The tears are seeping into the crevices between my keyboard keys, making it harder for me to type. Are you happy? Is this what you wanted?

Leave this place.

Welcome to my most personal page.

Triggering content will be spoilered.

About the worm

Name: Admin, Min for short

Age: 20+

Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Sexuality: Two

Gender: None gender w/ female presenting nipples

Pronouns: They/Them, Chanh

Major: Biology + Biological illustration

Occupation: Moral philosopher, digital musician

About the website

*Insert obligatory "I'm tired of modern internet" speech here*

I was inspired to make this website by Degrassi: The Next Generation LMAO. I found myself making lists of things I like and writing long analyses without a proper place for them, so I decided to combine them into this website. I also have a moodboard here that is like what I'd post on tumblr.

This website is named Bodhisattva because it is similar to my tumblr URL. I was raised Buddhist BTW lmao. Also, the URL "Wormworld" was already taken, so I had to go with Bodhisattva. Funny story is that the Wormworld URL was taken by.... me. A year ago. I just forgot I did and didn't realize it was me. The URL is now in good hands.

The code for this website has been in the making for almost 10 years as I've used the same tumblr theme all these years. I never changed it to anyone else's code. I just kept tweaking the original code over time until it became unrecognizable from the original, and it gradually became a way for me to express my style of web page design. I have no desire to make a nostalgic retro webpage design mkay.

The character featured on this website is Umayado no Ouji from Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi. He is a fictional version of Prince Shoutoku who is a "scheming, cross-dressing homosexual with psychic powers".[1] He is believed to be an incarnation of Bodhisattva Maitreya by one of the characters. Though he makes up the "theme" of my website, I personally identify more with Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara.

My internet career

When I was a kid, I'd go on websites for channels I didn't have like Nick and Cartoon Network and play their games. I was always on the computer, so I discovered anime and internet meme culture at a younger age than the kids I went to school with. By the end of elementary school, I had made some friends on Deviantart from shared anime interests that I drew with in livestreams and RPed with.

In middle school, I transitioned from Deviantart to Tumblr where I continued RPing, interacting with fandoms, and finding my monochrome aesthetic which I still enjoy to this day. I think this was the time when I started getting into more morbid interests. Having a tumblr blog allowed me to experiment with coding my own theme and making it as convoluted and unique as I wanted it to be.

Tumblr was still my main social media through high school, but I became closer with the aesthetic and kin side of tumblr than the fandom side of it. My blog theme went from white and pastel blue to black, white, and red which you see here. I started using Instagram just to connect with family and friends I knew outside of the internet. I also started making music in high school, so I posted Youtube videos and created Bandcamp and SoundCloud accounts.

Now that I have graduated from college, I'm withdrawing myself from the personal social media accounts I use less often to rebuilding my own world here on Neocities, and I hope more people do the same because it's kind of lonely here.

By the way, friend me on SpaceHey!


Umayado no Ouji from HiZuTen

The girl from Tenshi no Tamago

Jian Yi from 19 Days


My hair is black and neck length. I have straight bangs up to my eyebrows. I have red eyes.

I have a rook piercing on my left ear. I am considering getting a conch piercing on the same ear.

I only wear black. My clothes are long and flowy like a shadow. My fashion sense can best be called karasu zoku. I am also influenced by cult party kei and ninja goth.

My feet smell amazing.


Apparently, I'm neurodivergent. I'm too edgy to be mentally ill. I don't fit any DSM diagnostic criteria for mental illnesses, though I have been armchair diagnosed with C-PTSD.

I have been suicidal for most of my life, but I don't have depression. My default emotion is anger.

I have very strong morals. I can spend hours of any day thinking about morality.


I got called a cracker.


My Birthday is November 28. Remember that!

Above edit by Lisa. Art below by Kiwi Kagazaki.

Original characters

I have one main OC, Tami Kalaiyarasu (right), and another one, Venus Tavoularis (left). Above art is by Kiwi Kagazaki.

Above art by milkyteru. Below is a drawing I made of my other OCs judging you at a party.