In memory of V. H.

04.22.2001 - 11.16.2017

I will be grateful for you for the rest of my life. You accepted me and always showed me kindness even if it meant people would mock you for it. Now everyone knows your kindness, and I hope you knew how much you meant to everyone around you.

A lot of my fondest memories of my childhood were of you and the moments we shared together. I even wrote diary entries when I was in middle school and high school of the few times I'd get to talk to you in the hallways.

I remember when the class learned of your early coffee addiction. I remember when we named an eraser Marvin, killed him repeatedly, and revived him each time. That was our little thing. I remember when you promised to show me your journal full of swear words someday, and I'd look forward to that for years after that.

I remember when you helped an injured classmate, and we both got blamed for his injury. I remember when you treated my religion and culture with respect despite the other students bullying me for them. I will never forget those moments when your kindness and selflessness made you shine. You always loved telling jokes and doing impressions to make everyone laugh.

You lived and died with a heart of gold. I'll always appreciate how you never forgot about me, and I won't forget about you either.

In memory of J. B.

I only met you once when you were so ill that it took you an hour to walk into our office from the trailer you parked right outside. You were a kind and patient man who deserved better family than you had. You deserved care and respect.