What gives? Didn't I tell you not to open things in a new tab? You're making me cry.

I'm crying right now. The tears are seeping into the crevices between my keyboard keys, making it harder for me to type. Are you happy? Is this what you wanted?

Leave this place.

Favourite games

  1. Touhou Project
  2. Yume Nikki
  3. The Witch's House
  4. Ib
  5. Façade
  6. Rune Factory
  7. Idle Games

Games I made

  1. derpforg
  2. 360 No Scope Romansu

Touhou Project


Touhou Project is an indie franchise and game series created by a single man, ZUN.

The main games are bullet hells / shoot em ups, and the side games are mostly fighting games. You can buy most of these games on Steam. Other than the games, there are also official manga series, books, and music albums.

My thoughts

It's hard to pick a favourite character since there are so many great ones. Some of my favourites include Konpaku Youmu, Hinanawi Tenshi, Himemushi Momoyo, Yagokoro Eirin, Matara Okina.... My favourite games are Unconnected Marketeers, Imperishable Night, and Ten Desires. I've also played the fighting games, and I enjoy Hisoutensoku and Hidden Masquerade the most.

I have been interested in Touhou since at least 5th grade, and I started playing the games in middle school. The thing that really draws me to Touhou is the music culture that doesn't really exist in any other fandom. People create entire bands just to make covers of the music ZUN composes for the games. I myself started making music on the computer because of Touhou.

I have continued to play Touhou games, listen to Touhou music, and make Touhou music all these years. Also, not to brag, but some people liked my music enough to add me to the Touhou Music DB and to the Chinese Touhou Wiki. This is one of the few series that I know will stay in my life for a long time.

  1. My Touhou DB article
  2. My Chinese Touhou Wiki article

Yume Nikki


Yume Nikki is an indie exploration game made by Kikiyama.

You play as a young girl named Madotsuki, and you wander around in Madotsuki's dreams. Try to talk to NPCs and gain effects to do cool stuff.

My thoughts

This is another game that has been with me from childhood. This is going to be the case with all of the games here. My favourite character is Mars-san.

I made a browser point and click version of Yume Nikki that's unfinished but still playable.

A few years ago, I wrote a LostMediaWiki article about the lost Yume Nikki demo versions, and since then, the article has been improved by other users, and the article links to demos that have been found. Also, I made an EP of Yume Nikki-based music. Please check it out.

  1. My browser point and click game
  2. Yume Nikki demos LostMedia Wiki article
  3. My Yume Nikki EP

The Witch's House


The Witch's House is an RPG Maker horror game made by Fummy.

You play as a girl named Viola who must escape from a house owned by a witch by solving puzzles on each floor.

My thoughts

This is one of my favourite Japanese RPG Maker horror games. I have played this game numerous times. I pretty much have it memorized, and my speedrun record is about 15 minutes.



Ib is an RPG Maker horror game made by kouri.

You play as a girl named Ib who gets trapped in an art museum. She meets two friends, Garry and Mary, who work with her to escape from the living artwork.

My thoughts

This is my second favourite horror JRPG after The Witch's House. It's a bit more complex than The Witch's House because the endings are influenced by decisions made throughout the game, so I haven't memorized this game yet. However, the endings are great, so this game should be played through multiple times.



Façade is an AI based roleplaying game made by Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern. You are invited to reunite with old friends, Trip and Grace, who start arguing about their relationship. Your job is to type your own dialogue to try to solve their conflict.

My thoughts

This game is hilarious. Before I lost all my files, I modded my game to have Miku figures on the shelf and Cars ship art on the walls.

Rune Factory


Rune Factory is a Nintendo roleplaying game where you farm, fight monsters, improve your town, and get married.

My thoughts

I played Rune Factory 1 and 4, and I loved them. My wife is Felicity, and my husband is Leon.

Idle games

Synopsis: Idle games are also known as clicker games. The most well known one is probably Cookie Clicker.

My thoughts: My favourite idle game is A Dark Room. Instead of obvious "tiers" of items and multipliers that seem to go on forever with no end, this game's items and tiers are complex as they represent pieces of a working society. In each village, the inhabitants can take on different jobs to collect different resources that can be used to trade or create more resources for the protagonist to explore the map in a RPG style game. I have played through this game twice, and I suggest everyone play through it twice.

Here are my favourite idle games:

  1. A Dark Room
  2. Onion Clicker
  3. Swarm Simulator


derpforg is a game I made recently.

You are a derpy forg with lotus powers who hops on lilypads and eats flies. Watch out for stinging bees!

08.17.21 | Download

360 No Scope Romansu

360 NO SCOPE ROMANSU is a game I made in middle school.

You play as Puro-Tan, a shy student who wishes to be noticed by someone amazing. In this gaem, You get the opportunity to meet 5 handsome bishounen who want to take Puro-Tan's heart. (Or body~) This game has 100% custom graphics, an awesome soundtrack, and an original plot.


04.03.15 | Download