What gives? Didn't I tell you not to open things in a new tab? You're making me cry.

I'm crying right now. The tears are seeping into the crevices between my keyboard keys, making it harder for me to type. Are you happy? Is this what you wanted?

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Favourite music artists

Unusual ear ticklers
  1. Asa-Chang & Junray (Electronic percussion)
  2. Mid-Air Thief (Folktronica)
  3. Sevish (Microtonal polyrhythmic electronic)
  4. Togainu no Chi True Blood (Electrometal)
  5. C A S I N O ☆★☆★☆ M A S T E R (Japanoise)
  6. The Caretaker (Ambient, ballroom)
  7. Ar Tonelico (Ethnic choir, rock, electronic)
  8. Muslimgauze (Ethnic electronica, ambient)
  9. Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe (Glitchy hiphop)
  10. EZFG (VOCALOID techno)
Hip and trendy
  1. Fujii Kaze (Pop, RnB)
  2. Maffalda (Hip hop)
  3. Bone Thugs-n-Harmony (Hip hop, horrorcore)
  4. Suboi (Hip hop, RnB)
  5. Rei Ami (Hip hop, RnB)
  6. Lil Mariko (Hip hop, screamo, hyperpop)
  7. Jiafei (Sacred hymns)
Old school
  1. Tatsuro Yamashita (Citypop, ballad)
  2. Anzen Chitai (Rock)
  3. Sachiko Kobayashi (Enka)
  1. Tamaonsen (Hip hop, pop)
  2. Toho Eurobeat (Eurobeat)
  3. Hatsunetsumiko's (Funk, citypop, ballad)
  4. Foreground Eclipse (Post-hardcore, metal)
  5. Undead Corporation (Metal, metal folk)
  6. FloatingCloud (Irish / Chinese folk, acoustic)
  7. C-clays (Pop)

Miscellaneous songs I like

Asa-chang & Junray

Asa-Chang & Junray is an avant garde Japanese band known for songs featuring tabla percussion and chopped vocals.

My absolute favourite song is Kokoni Sachiari which starts earlier than the timestamp on the video (starts at 28:00, ends at 31:25). One of their most well known songs is Hana which was remastered for the ending of Aku no Hana.

It's interesting to watch them play live. The percussion is so advanced and pleasing to the ears. The beat is also something I like as a fan of hip hop and jazz. Their music can be found on Spotify.

Mid-Air Thief

Mid-Air Thief is a one man band from Korea that combines the indie folk genre with electronic glitchy noise. His music has been described as "music you can ascend to." His best album is Crumbling.

  1. Crumbling Together
  2. Curve and Light
  3. Why?

His music can be found on Spotify and Bandcamp. There is one song from him called Waiting that has been deleted from SoundCloud. It's stranger than his other songs because it has a more "downward" vibe, but it's still somehow satisfying and fun to listen to. It's about a man who goes to a salon to get a digital perm.


Sevish is a British musician who specializes in microtonal and polyrhythmic electronic music. His music can be found on Spotify and Bandcamp.

  1. What Year Is This
  2. Streaming
  3. Starfish

His music has inspired me to make microtonal music of my own. I hope I can be able to use unique rhythms as he can.

Togainu no Chi True Blood

Togainu no Chi True Blood Remix is a 22 minute remix of the songs from The Solid Album True Blood Remix. This album contains remixes of music from the Togainu no Chi game.

It was hard to pick a genre because each song is different. I'd describe most of the music as distorted electro metal with drum and bass influences. Some songs have really chill vibes with very glitchy, distorted, loud vocal samples for texture like in CurriculuMachine (Sex Wax Mix), and they add in ethnic instruments like sitars in the middle like at 2:30 in Frustrate (I Am Also So Mix). Each song sounds different though, so it's worth it to listen to each individual song.

  1. Frustrate (I Am Also So Mix)
  2. Tsuioku no Kaze (Remember We Remix)
  3. Invincible (Incredible Jazz Amp)
  4. Still (Disco Crash Reconstruction)
  5. Still (Brazilian Breeze)
  6. Mania (She Is Maniac Remix)

Togainu no Chi was a big part of my online life in middle school, though I wouldn't condone any of the content from the original game now as an adult. I watched the anime and read part of the manga, and it was something I was exposed to from the monochrome tumblr community. The music is really awesome though, and I still listen to it to this day.

C A S I N O ☆★☆★☆ M A S T E R

C A S I N O ☆★☆★☆ M A S T E R is a mysterious artist that makes noise music. The genre can be described as glitchy japanoise and breakcore. They have released two albums.

  1. ☆★☆ ボーナススピン幸運 !!!
  2. 勝 者 ! ! ! !★W I N N E R★

My favourite song from ☆★☆ ボーナススピン幸運 !!!is CASINO -- LOUNGE.

The Caretaker

The Caretaker is a music project by Leyland James Kirby that was inspired by the ballroom scene in The Shining. Its songs uses samples of existing samples to make them sound nostalgic and as if they are falling apart.

  1. Libet Delay
  2. Misplaced in Time
  3. Denial Unraveling
  4. Drifting Time Misplaced

Like everyone else, I love Everywhere at the End of Time. My favourite album is stage 3. ShaneChenMusic's remix of Lullaby of the Leaves is pretty cool.

Ar Tonelico

Ar Tonelico is a game series. I have no idea what it's about, but what I love about it is its conlang, Hymmnos, and its music sung in the Hymmnos language.

Some good beginner songs to introduce yourself to Ar Tonelico music are Rustling Throb ~Cloche~ and EXEC_Sphilia/.. The latter sounds the most like a regular song someone would listen to.

My favourite song is XaaaCi. because of the many different catchy and emotional sections in the song. EXEC_ViiBaCi_MjiiRa/. and Flower Pattern ~Reality~ are also wonderful.

Oh, and I love the polyrhythmic jazz of jUmbAdjA. EXEC_NullAscension/., is unique for using a particular grammar structure that doesn't exist in any other song.


Muslimgauze is the project of British musician Bryn Jones who was concerned about conflicts in the Muslim world, especially in Palestine. A lot of his music was released posthumously. It is like ethnic electronica, ambient, post industrial music. It has the type of percussion and traditional instruments I love to hear.

Mullah Said is a stunning album of long songs to vibe to. For longer songs, there's Return Of Black September.

Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe

Kidkanevil is an artist from the UK, and Daisuke Tanabe is an artist from Japan. They both make experimental, glitchy, cute, hiphop and electronic music.

I love their collab album Kidsuke. My favourite song from it is SGstep.

Kidkanevil's My Little Ghost is a relaxing pleasure to listen to. Daisuke Tanabe's Cat Steps is cute too!


EZFG is a Japanese Vocaloid music producer who makes electronic techno music.

My favourite of his songs is Chakka-er. I also like Tsuntsun Gokko.

I love how EZFG's music has a very distinct style, so there is no music that sounds like his, and you can immediately tell if a song or remix was created by him.

Fujii Kaze

Fujii Kaze is a Japanese singer and songwriter. He is known for writing lyrics in an uncommon Japanese dialect.

It's hard for me to describe his music because all of the songs sound different. However, they all sound very uplifting and nostalgic.

  1. Shinunoga E-Wa
  2. Matsuri
  3. Hedemo Ne-Yo (LASA edit)
  4. Seishun Sick

Before he became a popular singer, he uploaded piano and singing covers on Youtube. My favourites of these are Flyday Chinatown and Nihon no Mikata.


Maffalda is a Brazilian musician who flips existing songs into mashups and remixes. His music can be found on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Youtube.

  1. Aqui Na Base
  2. m4n3,kl ;'
  3. Vo Pa Ya

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony is a hip hop group from Cleveland, Ohio comprised of Bizzy Bone, Wish Bone, Layzie Bone, Krayzie Bone, and Flesh-n-Bone (not pictured).

  1. Da Introduction
  2. It's All Mo' Thug
  3. Mo'murda
  4. Tha Crossroads

E. 1999 Eternal is the most album of all time.


Suboi is a Vietnamese rapper. She rapped for Barack Obama once.

  1. N-SAO?
  3. CÔNG
  4. Trời Cho

Rei Ami

Rei Ami is a hip hop, RnB, and soul singer. She is known for switching tones in the middle of her early songs from a confident hip hop beat to a somber, reflective acoustic section.

  3. F.R.A

Lil Mariko

Lil Mariko is a hip hop / hyperpop screamo singer and songwriter best known for her Where's my Juul?? music video.

  1. Don't Touch
  2. Shiny
  3. Where's My Juul??


Jiafei is a product advertiser.

  2. Dark Horse
  4. SOAP

I'm sorry? I like Jiafei.

Tatsuro Yamashita

Tatsuro Yamashita is a Japanese singer and songwriter who makes citypop music.

  1. Morning Glory
  2. Futari
  3. Magic Ways

I listened to a lot of citypop when I first entered university, so his music feels nostalgic to listen to.

Anzen Chitai

Anzen Chitai is a Japanese rock band founded by singer and songwriter Koji Tamaki.

  1. Wine Red no Kokoro
  2. Blue ni Naiteiru
  3. Masquerade

I think it's interesting how ZUN was inspired by Anzen Chitai when making some Touhou themes.

Sachiko Kobayashi

Sachiko Kobayashi is a Japanese enka singer.

  1. Nakase Ame
  2. Omoidezake
  3. Yuki Tsubaki

I love how flashy her outfits are when she sings on stage. Flashy is truly an understatement, she is like the centerpiece of the stage when she sings. I drew her with her younger self in one of my art classes, and it's a drawing I'm very proud of.


Tamaonsen is a Japanese Touhou doujin circle that primarily makes rap covers with either hiphop instrumentals or upbeat Japanese traditional / pop instrumentals in a way I cannot describe in words.

An example of a typical Tamaonsen song is called 刹那ヤマイ.

There are rare Tamaonsen songs that fall more into the trap genre called Stupid Lecture and トラウマ.

I also like a collab remix with DiGiTAL WiNG called Paranoia.

Toho Eurobeat

Toho Eurobeat is a series of Touhou doujin albums that contain eurobeat music. Multiple artists are featured in each album. There is a 24/7 stream of their music on Youtube.

Jessa Stebbins, also known as Odyssey, is one of the most well known Touhou eurobeat artists and vocalists. I have listened to her music from childhood. My favourite songs of hers include Remorse, Tear You Up, and Adequate.

Here is one song I like from French artist AXEL.K called BEATS SHOWER.


Hatsunetsumiko's is a Japanese Touhou doujin circle that makes chill, funk, and citypop covers.

Some of my favourite funky songs from them include A Prayer, So Bright, Everything but the Girl, and DANCE with WOLVES. I like too many of their songs lmao.

Examples of their more chill songs include Asymmetry, Segredo, and Revive.

Surface Star is quite different, but it was one of my favourites in middle school.

Foreground Eclipse

Foreground Eclipse was a Japanese metal doujin circle featuring male scream vocals and female vocals together.

I've listened to FE since I was a kid. Wandering, Never Wondering There Exists and Obstruction! Color It All Out are a few songs that I remember listening to on road trips.

I also really like this collab song with Draw the Emotional called We Cannot Get Out of Here Forever.

Undead Corporation

UNDEAD CORPORATION is a Japanese band that used to make metal, screamo, and metal folk covers of Touhou songs. Now, they make original music, and some have become anime soundtracks.

Again, I've listened to UC since I was a kid. I cannot decide on one favourite song, but my favourite songs by them are the metal folk songs like 常世想兼神 (Tokoyo Soukenshin) and 神かくし (Kami Kakushi).

It's also noteworthy that one of UC's songs, Embraced by the Flame, was used in a western meme, the Mr. Incredible Becoming Canny meme.


FloatingCloud is a popular Japanese Touhou doujin circle that makes folk music featuring traditional Irish and Chinese instruments.

I like how this band makes such unique arranges of Touhou music. I cannot choose a favourite song, but Sky of Scarlet Perception and 胎動 are ones I've liked since I was a kid. I like the background vocals in Eastern.

Just in case you ever wanted to hear a folk version of Bad Apple!!, it exists.


C-CLAYS is a popular Japanese Touhou doujin circle that has released numerous albums since 2006.

I've listened to C-CLAYS since I was a tween. My favourite songs from them use foreign traditional instruments like 黄泉少女 and 扇情のアリア.

They also have some very beautiful songs that have a more melancholy tone like 宝相華.

Miscellaneous songs I like

Unusual ear ticklers
  1. 廻転楕円体 - 劫の韻律
  2. 廻転楕円体 - 文字禍
  3. Machine Girl - うずまき
  4. Nick, The NRG - Giant Steps (9 EDO)
  5. ののど - 嘘塗 (宮下遊 歌ってみた)
Hip and trendy
  1. 100 gecs - money machine
  2. ALIZADE - Carousel
  3. Brandy - Open
  4. Craig David - Fill Me In (Part 2)
  5. Craig David - Key To My Heart
  6. DJ CHARI & DJ TATSUKI - ビッチと会う (GLOSS Remix)
  7. GLOSS - Diamond Emoji
  8. GLOSS - Get Cash
  10. KANON69 - サディスティック
  11. かんざきひろ / Kanzaki Hiro - スネ夫が真言を唱えている時に流れている曲
  12. Lakeyah - Female Goat
  13. M.I.A. - Bad Girls (Instrumental)
  15. PlayaPhonk - KERAUNOS
  16. Scally Milano - Большие Бабки
  17. SIX (Samantha Pauly) - All You Wanna Do
  18. SIX (Andrea Macasaet) - Don't Lose Ur Head
  19. SIX (Brittney Mack) - Get Down
  21. 鴨打鵝 - 这感觉
  22. Yüzyüzeyken Konuşuruz - Ölsem Yeridir
Old school
  1. biniou - ため息
  2. Ella Fitzgerald - Lullaby Of The Leaves
  3. Junko Yagami - Fun City
  4. MeLo - 时一现耳三千岁 (While the Three Thousand Years)
  5. Shikao Suga - 夕立ち
  6. Thompson Twins - Kamikaze
  1. 暁Records - こ~んさるたん!
  2. DiGiTAL WiNG - Strange Soul
  3. Touhou Jihen - あたしはドランカー
  1. Hiromasa Suzuki - High-Flying (1976)
  2. Ahmad Jamal - One (1978)
  3. Macroblank - 行方不明 (2021)

Vocal synth songs I like

ACE Studio
  1. ACE Studio Que He / Toshinobu Kubota - La La La Love Song
  1. CeVIO Minato Akasaki / Masanobu YOSHIOKA - クオリアライズ
  1. SynthV Cangqiong / Zeno - 涟漪
  2. SynthV Chiyu Shian Cangqiong Haiyi / Serge S - Wanton growth
  3. SynthV Haiyi, Cangqiong + VOCALOID Stardust / Zeno - 无色
  1. UTAU Funne Utsuho / niki - Decode
  2. UTAU Matsudappoiyo / てぃあら - GravityRain
  3. UTAU Mekuraon Ga / Kowareta - Scopaesthesia
  1. VOCALOID GACKPOID / すずきP - 桃源郷
  3. VOCALOID Luo Tianyi / Solpie - 月西江
  4. VOCALOID Luo Tianyi / Luna Safari - 心印
  5. VOCALOID Megurine Luka / 奏音69 - サディスティック
  6. VOCALOID MEIKO / 斜め上P - 花咲音 -ハナサクオト-
  7. VOCALOID MEIKO / IMO - ハイビスカス
  8. VOCALOID SACHIKO / Babuchan - 螺鈿の骨
  9. VOCALOID Stardust / MeLo - 时一现耳三千岁
  10. VOCALOID Yuezheng Ling / Rosary - Scarlet Drop