What gives? Didn't I tell you not to open things in a new tab? You're making me cry.

I'm crying right now. The tears are seeping into the crevices between my keyboard keys, making it harder for me to type. Are you happy? Is this what you wanted?

Leave this place.


This is the page for me to share my hobbies and general interests besides media.

  1. Music
  2. Vocal Synth
  3. Art
  4. Mechanical Keyboards
  5. Tamagotchi
  6. Language Learning
  7. Coding
  8. Cosplay
  9. Cartography


I make desktop music.

I usually make Touhou covers and vocal synth covers using UTAU, DeepVocal, and SynthV. I am working on original music now, though I have created a full original album before that I unfortunately lost. I am trying to recreate it.

My music can be found on Youtube, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud. Youtube is where I post most often, and of course, the music is accompanied by videos and visualizers with custom art sometimes. Bandcamp is where I upload albums and EPs, and SoundCloud is where I upload miscellaneous songs that I might feel like are lower quality.

Vocal synth

I have been interested in vocal synthesis software like Vocaloid, Utau, Neutrino, DeepVocal, SynthV, CEViO, etc for many years. My favourite voicebanks include Maika, Sachiko, ZOLA Project, VY2, Matsudappoiyo, AI Kiritan, Cangqiong, Saki, Qingsu, Solaria....

Some of the music I upload to my Youtube channel consists of vocal synth covers. I make my own UST / DV files sonetimes.

I even have my own DeepVocal voicebank named Okada Rina. They have a bipitch voicebank out right now.


I don't actually like drawing, but it is one of my only skills.

I have been drawing since I was a baby. Now, I mostly draw digitally for zines. I am also studying traditional drawing techniques in college courses because my major's concentration is biological illustration.

Mechanical keyboards

I like to build mechanical keyboards, though I am not deep enough in the hobby to deal with really expensive designer switches, keycap groupbuys, or designer keyboards yet.

I currently have three keyboards:

YMDK40 ortholinear 40% in pink, Gateron red switches, XDA Matcha keycaps with Japanese sublegends. This is my daily driver.

DNA65 65%, Gateron yellow switches, NP Bluebird keycaps with Hatsune Miku spacebar.

Lain alice-style 40%, Gateron blue switches, 9009 XDA retro keycaps. My most recent board.


I love Tamagotchis, and I own 8 I think....

I have an English grey Angel, a tiger stripe P2, a red glitter reboot P2, a custom painted (by me) P2 with a Mononoke theme, a light blue Japanese V2, a Japanese white and red Guts Entama, a purple Friends Dream Town, and a pink Meets.

Language learning

I am multilingual, and I am always open to learning more languages.

I am fluent in English, obviously, as I grew up in the United States. However, it is technically my second language.

I can also understand Vietnamese fluently and can speak to a certain extent. I just refuse to speak it because Vietnamese people irritate me. I can read it a bit slowly, but I am not confident in writing because spelling sucks.

I am at an intermediate level of Korean. I first taught myself hangul in 6th grade. Then, I took two classes in high school and two classes in college. I have also studied TOPIK I grammar on my own time, so I am only lacking in vocabulary. I know enough Korean to read 19 Days and simple comics like that.

Because I have grown up with Japanese media all my life, I am able to read kana and very basic kanji, and I know enough grammar and vocab to navigate Japanese websites to find what I am looking for. I can only make basic sentences by myself. I know enough to sing some enka and citypop songs by reading lyrics from Japanese language karaoke videos.

I also studied German for two years in high school before taking Korean. I have forgotten most of what I learned.

Some languages I want to learn someday include Turkish and Brazilian Portuguese.


I mean. I think it's obvious that I like coding stuff since I coded my own tumblr theme and Neocities site.

You can use one of my codes in a tumblr theme if you'd like.

I also coded this tumblr theme that looks like NicoNico Douga, though some of the icons show up as broken files now, and I'm too lazy to fix them. The link leads to my Tiktok / funny video blog

I also coded a Discord bot for myself that was able to play music in VC, and I gave it commands to send random Tenimyu songs and Nico Nico Douga videos. It was also able to respond to certain words. It was named Minbot. I unfortunately lost it when I lost all my files. :0(


Characters I have cosplayed as:

  1. Amulet Heart
  2. Tutu (Edatlin)
  3. Yami Bakura
  4. Kaneki Ken
  5. Mettaton
  6. Kanako Yasaka
  7. Hatsune Miku
  8. Eirin Yagokoro
  9. Sae-byeok Kang
  10. Junko (Touhou)


Cartography is the art of drawing maps. I specifically like the many different projections that can be used to represent the surface of the entire Earth.

My absolute favourite projection is the one you see before you enter my website, the Cahill Butterfly projection. I like it more than the Waterman Butterfly because it doesn't clip off the tips of the butterfly wings. However, it means that Antarctica gets split up.

My favourite traditional projection is the Robinson projection. It is a familiar one to everyone.

All my homies hate Mercator and Gall-Peters projections. AuthaGraph, Dymaxion, and Raptor>>>>